Who does what?

Rector: Fr Christopher Basden

In Post from January 17th 2019

Centre Manager: Fr Simon Heans

Fr Simon joined the St Augustine’s project in 2017 after working as a prison Chaplain in London. He has worked extensively in education and has particular experience in running a historic church and editing magazines. He has a history background from Cambridge. He is a priest of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. He manages all day to day events at St Augustine’s and offers on site assistance. He oversees publications and communications, ensuring the site continues to run, and other duties. He is looking forward to the expansion of projects and activities at St Augustine’s.


Friends Secretary

Jane Rowland

Jane is responsible for communication with members of the Friends of St Augustine’s and the organisation of the Committee. She also maintains the database of members of the Friends.

Visitor Centre Board

The Visitor Centre Board meets monthly to review the progress of the Centre and to discuss future projects.

The Board is made up of nine members:

Fr Marcus Holden                                 Chair

Fr Simon Heans                                      Centre Manager

Paul Sharrock                                         Architect and HLF Project Manager (Thomas Ford and Partners)

Karen Butti                                               Architect (Thomas Ford and Partners)

Deacon Peter Brown                          Treasurer

Keith Andrews                                        Liturgical and Church Environment advisor

Catriona Blaker                                      Pugin Heritage advisor

Nigel Warner                                           Systems and Processes advisor

Edwina Steed                                          Secretary

Committee of the Friends of St Augustine’s

The Friends of St Augustine’s is a charity within the Archdiocese of Southwark which promotes and supports St Augustine’s. It is principally engaged in saving St Augustine’s for future generations, and making projects and events possible.

The Board is made up of members:

Fr Marcus Holden                                 Chair

Fr Simon Heans                                      Centre Manager

Linda Adsett                                            Volunteers co-ordinator

Keith Andrews                                        Treasurer

Andrew Kelly                                           Pilgrimage and local involvement

Hunter Stummer-Schmertzing     Heritage advisor and Promoter

Antonia Robinson                                Activities Consultant and Social Media Officer

Jane Rowland                                         Secretary

Parish Clergy

Fr Simon Heans (Centre Manager)

Fr Lesek Klos (Polish Community)

Deacon Peter Brown (Deacon)