The place where St Augustine landed in 597AD to bring the Gospel to England and where the great Victorian architect, Augustus Pugin, lived, worked and built his personal church

St Augustine’s



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We look forward to welcoming you at St Augustine’s. Thousands of people visit St Augustine’s each year: be one of them!

Opening Times and Entry
We’re open 1pm – 3pm each day (except Fridays and Sundays when we are closed)

Entry is free, and we suggest a donation of £3 per person.


Visitor Centre

Information on St Augustine and Augustus Pugin with interpretative boards, videos, and audioguides available. Pugin’s designs are on show in the Visitor Centre exhibition area. Featuring items owned and made for Pugin, as well as items inspired by his designs, this is a chance to see some of Pugin’s own creations.

Service Times

Holy Mass

Sunday 8:30am
  12 noon (Sung Traditional Latin Mass)
Monday 12 noon
Tuesday 12 noon
Wednesday 12 noon
Thursday 12 noon
Friday 12 noon (Ordinariate Use)
Saturday 12 noon


Tuesday (during Exposition) 10:15 – 11:15am
Thursday & Friday 12:30 – 1:30pm
Sunday (during the Traditional Latin Mass) 12:00 – 1:00pm
Other times on request  

Other Services

Tuesday Exposition from 10:15am ending with Benediction at 3:30pm
First Sunday of the month Traditional Latin Sung Vespers – 6:30pm
  (Check the Events Page for any last-minute changes)





The Way of St Augustine

Take the Way of St Augustine and discover the beautiful Kentish countryside, where St Augustine once walked, and where Christianity first came to the English people. Walk between the Shrine of St Augustine, Ramsgate, and Canterbury Cathedral, both places of immense cultural, historical, and religious significance.

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The Friends are St Augustine’s fan club, who support the activities here whether they live near by or far away.

Volunteer at St Augustine’s

Be a part of St Augustine’s community. A team of great volunteers welcomes our visitors and runs events. Volunteering at St Augustine’s can be very rewarding, bringing you into contact with many interesting visitors, meeting new people, and leading you into fascinating areas of knowledge.

Who Does What?


Music is an essential part of the life of St Augustine’s. From concerts by some of the finest choral singers, to sung liturgies, to community outreach and community singing, we are proud to have a strong musical tradition.

About St Augustine of England

St Augustine was sent by Pope Gregory the Great to England to give the English people the Good News of Christianity. He was a monk at the monastery founded by Gregory (before he was elected pope) on the Caelian Hill in Rome. There is still a monastery there today.


About St Augustine’s

This is the home of the Gothic Revival, as the personal church of the man who built the Houses of Parliament – Augustus Pugin.

About Augustus Pugin

Pugin was one of the most important designers and architects of the nineteenth century. He lived for just 40 years, but people say that in that time he completed 80 years of work.


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Phone: 01843 606756

Email: office@augustineshrine.co.uk

The Pugin Coat of Arms as depicted by the Young Augustus following research into the family’s noble history by his father. This wonderful example of Pugin’s genius is to be restored to its former glory after years of neglect. If you would like to support this work financially contact the Administrator by email or phone.